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Vacation season has well and truly arrived, and if you’re getting ready for your get-away, then you could have a long to-do list to take care of before packing up and jetting off.

It’s easy to overlook things when it comes to planning your holiday, but being sure to cover the essentials means you can enjoy a hassle-free and stress-free time away without any niggling worries in the back of your mind. Use the checklist below to make sure all the important things are sorted out before you ship out!

Protect Your Home and Belongings

It’s everyone’s vacation nightmare: something catastrophic, like a plumbing leak or a boiler malfunction, occurring that makes your homecoming extremely stressful - not to mention costly. Get a home warranty in place before you go to protect all your home’s major systems and appliances.

Wondering about the cost? A home warranty policy with First Premier will cost you $45 a month, or upgrade to the premium plan for $52. Most home warranties will cover things like the main kitchen appliances, plumbing, ductwork, garbage disposal, and garage door opener. In most cases, cover can be extended to additional systems such as the air-con and septic system.

Check Your Passport

Don’t run the risk of finding out that your passport is expired the week (or day!) before you’re due to leave. Check it as soon as you book your holiday, as well as the date on any Visas or identity documents you need to take with you. 

Don’t forget to make sure you have any necessary Covid documentation, too.

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Sort Out Holiday Insurance

Taking out holiday insurance is highly recommended to give you peace of mind that if the worst happens and you need medical care whilst on vacation, the cost of this will be covered. 

Insurance will protect you in the event of illness or an accident, and you may also want to take out a policy that covers you against theft of your personal possessions while on vacation. Check with the provider where you stand if you’re unable to travel due to Covid infection.

Talk to You Bank

Tell your bank and credit card provider when you’ll be leaving, where you’re going, and for how long - this will avoid the inconvenience of finding that your card issuer has put a stop on your card as they suspect fraud.

It’s worth checking with them, too, whether there’ll be a charge to use your card abroad and if any withdrawal limits are in place that could affect your ability to get hold of cash while you’re away.

Get Your Phone Ready

Avoid the pain of coming home to an astronomical cell phone bill. Phone your carrier before you leave to find out your options regarding roaming. Some plans include it, or you may need to buy an international plan to cover you for the duration of your holiday.

Secure Your Property

And finally, it’s a great idea to put your house lights on a timer to give the impression that the property is occupied - thereby deterring potential thieves. And just before you walk out the door, check that the house alarm is armed and set.

And now your final task is to relax and enjoy every moment of your holiday!


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