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There are a lot of things to consider when you are planning international travel. The amount of things to do can be quite a burden even before you board the plane. Use this list as part of your planning, to help it go as smoothly as possible.

Top-10 List for Planning International Travel

  1. Get Passports: Make sure you have a passport and check that it is valid, some countries also require that it does not expire in the next six months.
  2. Get a Visa: Visas are required to enter many countries, you may be able to get one on arrival, or your country may have a visa-free deal.
  3. Buy Insurance: one of the most important things you must do is get travel insurance. Shop around online to find the best deal, but make sure it covers everything you will need.
  4. Buy luggage: do you need to travel light? Get the right size luggage to make sure you have room for everything you need (but not too much!).
  5. Take Adaptors: research the countries you are visiting to make sure you have the right electrical adaptors to keep your devices charged and appliances working.
  6. Phone roaming: make sure you can get coverage on your phone, or that you have some other way of keeping in contact with friends and family while you are overseas.
  7. A friend at home: leave the details of where you are staying and your contact details with someone at home who can contact you in an emergency. With this person, you can also leave copies of your important documents like passports and visas, in case they are lost they can help sort things out for you. You can also leave a copy of these documents online where you can get access to them.
  8. Plan transport: how are you getting to the airport? Once at your destination, will there be taxis or are you hiring a car. If you plan on hiring a car and driving overseas, make sure your current home license is valid, otherwise, you can apply for an international driver's license that is accepted all around the world.
  9. Get money: get a small amount of local currency before you leave. Also, make sure your credit card will work overseas. Many banks require you to notify them before you go so they don't flag and cancel your card for suspected fraudulent activity.
  10. Learn the language: take the time to learn a few words and phrases of the local language.


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