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When to go

NOW is always the best time to travel. Sometimes we need to plan and save first, but as all travelers know you always have the wish to travel. If you don't have the money - start saving now (see budgeting page). However, if you don't have the money, or are struggling to save, all is not lost. There are always cheap places to travel to, and cheap ways to travel.

Where to go

Make a list of the 'must see' places you want to visit. Once you have thought long and hard about it and had your list, then mark them on a map and see how you can join the dots. You will find that in doing so you will discover places between these that you had not even considered, and you will be able to easily enjoy these places as you go along. Your trip starts to take shape.

snow mountain holiday

Some people may want to completely plan their trip before they go, booking every night's accommodation in advance. On the other extreme, others will prefer to rock up at a town and enjoy the challenge of finding a place to stay. The later may take extra time, but provides the most flexibility. Ideally, and our recommendation, is to book the first night or two when you first arrive, to give you time to acclimatise and relax, and get a feel for the place.

Have a look at our travel guide pages for descriptions of some of the places you have been to. The guides to Australia are the most comprehensive (our home).

Following the sun, snow ...

We love the sun. So we plan to go where it is hot. You can do a round the world trip and always be in summer. Alternatively, you can just take a winter break and getaway fro the cold to defrost for a while. Conversely, if you love to ski, you may take off during your summer to the ski fields.

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