A travel program gives students a chance to experience new cultures. They make new friends, travel places, and earn credits for their degrees. They equip learners with multiple career skills. They develop intercultural communication skills and improve problem-solving strategies. 

The best-traveling programs for students are those that offer you flexibility. Choose programs that offer you plenty of freedom. Consider affordability and a chance to travel in the company of your colleagues. Here are the best ones for high school students that are worth considering. 


USAC is a consortium made up of several US-based universities. Their vision is to work together to offer multiple study abroad programs. They offer you chances to immerse yourself in courses offered by other countries. Learners may choose to study in Australia, China, Chile, Costa Rica, etc. Most of them are offered under high school summer travel programs. Learners can apply for scholarships to reduce the cost. 

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travelling students from Japan travelling students from Japan

Study China

The study China program is offered by the University of Manchester. Students get a chance to study for three weeks at an elite Chinese university. It is partly sponsored by the British Government. Its purpose is to meet local undergraduates and learn Mandarin. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and afford to pay for their flight and visa. 

Travel for Teens

Travel for teens is one of the most popular high school travel programs. It provides teenagers with a chance to travel across more than 30 countries. They get engaged in multiple activities throughout their travel. They learn photography, languages, and community service. 

Arcos Journeys Aboard

Arcos Journeys Aboard is managed under the Arcos Learning Abroad program. It offers study abroad programs for teens. This one takes 2 to 4 weeks and is full of fun and activities. The main places visited are Mexico, Spain, and Costa Rica. You will be taken through an intensive course learning a new language. 

Oxford Royale Academy

Oxford Royale Academy travel program is offered by Oxford University. It is another popular travel option for high school students. They get a chance to stay and learn at one of the prestigious Oxford University campuses. It is a summer program that takes two weeks to complete. To be eligible, you must be from age 8 to 25 years. 

Study India

Study India is a three-week adventure designed for students from 18 years old. Unlike the China program, this program does not include learning a language. You get a chance to learn the politics of India, its culture, people, and economy. Participants travel to India during the summer. 

Go Beyond Student Travel

Go Beyond Student Travel is one of the high school student travel programs for the summer. Students travel as volunteers to offer support to needy communities. Participants visit places such as Costa Rica, Australia, and Ecuador. The program offers exciting cross-cultural adventures. The options available are walking tours, hiking, or wildlife stewardship. 

Greenheart Travel

Greenheart Travel is organized under Greenheart International. It is a nonprofit that focuses on promoting peace and sustainability. The program can last for one week or an entire semester. Participants choose their preferred destination and apply in advance. Countries of training include France, Australia, Germany, Costa Rica, Italy, and Spain. Programs include elephant conservation, dog rescue, and many others. 

American Farm School

The American Farm School program organizes agricultural tours in the Balkans and Greece. Participants stay with a host family for an entire summer. They learn about farm animals and participate in crop husbandry. Beyond learning, students get a chance to tour key tourist attractions in Greece. 


Traveling programs for students give participants a chance to learn and tour new places. The program duration may last for one week, but others last for a whole semester. Some of them involve learning a new language, agriculture, or science. They offer students chances to visit many countries across the world. Registration starts early to allow planning. Participants must ensure they have all the travel documents required. Some programs are fully sponsored, while others are paid for. 

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