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Penguin Island is an island just off the coast, 42 km south of Perth, WA. It is home to a colony of little penguins, from which it gets its name. You can catch a ferry across from Mersey Point Jetty, Shoalwater. You can walk across at low tide, but be very careful as accidents have occurred.

Top 10 Places to See and Things to Do

  1. Wade across to the island at low tide, or catch the ferry.
  2. have a picnic at the jetty area.
  3. visit the CLAM Penguin Discovery Centre to see their colony of rescued little penguins.
  4. climb one of the lookouts
  5. get up close and personal to the island's penguins, if you are lucky to spot one.
  6. check out the historic McKenzies Well.
  7. explore the Caves from the beach.
  8. hike over to West Beach.
  9. go swimming or snorkeling.
  10. go birdwatching

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Penguin Island Perth
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