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Mount Kosciuszko is covered in snow during winter, but is still easily climbed. It is a relatively easy hike up to the base of it, with a short steeper climb at the end.

Rob first climbed it in 1995, taking the route from Threadbo Village. Once you take the chairlift up out of the valley, it is a mostly flat hike until the last bit up the mountain. At this time of year (August), there was still a good covering of snow, and we had to step through knee deep snow at some points. Still, it was not too hard, and anyone with a moderate level of fitness would make it easily.

Robat the peak of Mt KosciuszkoRob at the peak of Mt Kosciuszko

The second climb, by Rob and Clare, was done in Summer and many years later. We hiked from Charlotte's Pass, which is an alternative to the more common route from Threadbo. I think overall they are similar in duration and degree of difficulty, and at some time you should do both.

The peak: On top of Australia is a really nice place to be at either summer or winter time. At the peak there is nothing more than a collection of boulders and a plaque telling you where you are and what you can see. The views are great as you would expect.

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