New South Wales, Australia

Ballina coastal town located onthe far north coast of New South Wales.

Top 10 Places to See and Things to Do

  1. see the Big Prawn
  2. stroll along the Richmond River pathway or along the North Wall
  3. head to the coast for some great surf beaches.
  4. visit Ballina Naval And Maritime Museum, home to the LA BALSAS raft from Ecuador
  5. go fishing from the banks of the Richmond River.
  6. play a round of golf at the Ballina Goilf Club.
  7. At the right time of year you can see whales just off the coast of Ballina.
  8. take a tour of the Australian Seabird Rescue centre.
  9. visit the Ballina Markets on the weekend.
  10. get all th einfo you need at the Foxford Woollen Mills Visitor Centre

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