China is a great destination for budget travelers. Beijing, the capital city, beckons with its remarkable historical sites like the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and Tiananmen Square, immersing visitors in China's ancient past and cultural heritage. Meanwhile, Shanghai, a bustling metropolis, showcases a modern skyline with towering skyscrapers, while also preserving its historic neighborhoods like the Bund, offering a captivating blend of old and new. Xi'an, another must-visit city, mesmerizes travelers with its awe-inspiring Terracotta Army, a testament to the country's imperial legacy. Each of these destinations provides a unique and unforgettable experience, making China an enticing country to explore for tourists from around the world.

cycling in Yangshoucycling in Yangshou

China is also a great destination for budget travelers. It offers a wide range of affordable accommodation options. The cost of food and transportation is relatively low, and there are plenty of inexpensive street food stalls and local eateries to choose from. Additionally, many of China's top attractions, such as the Great Wall, offer budget-friendly entry fees, making it a cost-effective destination for travelers on a budget.

We have had a few forays into Chinese lands - two short trips to Hong Kong, in 2002 and 2005, then in 2013 we went with our family for two weeks in Beijing and Yangshuo.


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