Where the Spirit of Crete Calls

Author: Alphonse Dufresne - Penning Tales, Setting Sails…

Chania, located on the beautiful island of Crete, is much more than just an entrance to famous beaches and ancient wonders. The nature around it provides a space for people looking for peace, renewal, and maybe a little bit of excitement. This weekend, let yourself answer the enticing whisper of Chania's wild side.

Crete, GreeceChania, Crete, Greece

Samaria Gorge: A Journey to the Heart of the White Mountains

The Samaria Gorge is Crete's wild gem. This 16-kilometre hike is an unforgettable experience. Tall cliffs rise up around while walking on the bottom of the canyon, with sounds of birds singing and little rivers murmuring coming to your ears. The difficult hike finishes at Agia Roumeli by the sea, where meeting the Libyan Sea is a nice prize for your efforts.

Balos Lagoon: Paradise Postcard Brought to Life

The scenery is so beautiful, like something taken from a dream. Balos Lagoon offers the ideal peaceful beach experience. The sand there is very soft and white, and the water has such a bright turquoise colour that it shines brightly, making Balos feel like a hidden treasure of nature. You can reach it by taking a boat or enjoying a picturesque drive that is quite rough. It's somewhere to forget about everything else and just enjoy the beauty of nature.

A view from above in Elafonisi beach, a paradise located in western Crete, Greece (unsplash)A view from above in Elafonisi beach, a paradise located in western Crete, Greece

Elafonisi Beach: Pink Sands and Serenity

Elafonisi is a place where nature uses very special colours. The sand has a pink colour because there are crushed seashells in it, and this looks very beautiful next to the very clear water along the beach. This place is very calm and perfect for walking slowly in the water, lying in the sun, and feeling the soft movement of the sea on your skin.

Getting to Elafonisi

Lake Kournas: A Freshwater Oasis

Tucked between the gentle hills, Lake Kournas provides a different experience from the well-known beaches on the island. You can rent a pedal boat to travel around its peaceful waters or eat at a restaurant by the lake. Birdwatching enthusiasts will find this spot particularly compelling.

Getting Around - What are your options?

Getting around Chania is convenient and offers choices to suit your travel preferences:




Car Rental

Ultimate freedom, explore at your own pace

Driving in Crete can be spirited, to put it lightly.

Taxi & Transfers

Door-to-door service, pre-bookable with child seats if needed

Can be costlier than other options, although not with AtoB Transfer.

Public Bus

Budget-friendly, reaches many destinations

Schedules can be infrequent, especially in the countryside


Booking your Chania airport transfers from ahead of time makes sure you begin and end your trip filled with nature in a relaxed way.

Beyond the Weekend: A Taste of Longer Escapes

If you have the luxury of more time, the natural wonders of Chania continue to unfold:


Chania's untamed hug is a strong medicine against the everyday busy life. If you seek an energetic journey, a peaceful beach holiday, or anything that falls in the middle area, the island’s nature provides this experience. Prepare your trekking shoes, swimming attire, and maybe a camera to record the memorable scenery. Allow nature to plan your activities this weekend.



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