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Norway is known for its traditional cuisine, which includes dishes like lutefisk (dried cod soaked in lye), rakfisk (fermented fish), and fårikål (lamb stew with cabbage). Any visitor to Norway must try some of these to get a true taste of the country.

1. Brunost: Just ask for brown cheese. It is a caramel-colored cheese made from whey, Brunost has a sweet and slightly tangy flavor that pairs well with bread or crackers.

2. Røkt Laks: We know it as smoked salmon. Norway is known for its salmon, and smoked salmon is a must-try. It's often served with scrambled eggs, on bread, or as part of a salad.

3. Lefse: A thin, flatbread made from potato and flour, Lefse is a traditional Norwegian food often served with butter, cinnamon, and sugar.

4. Reinsdyrkjøtt: This is reindeer Meat. Don't fret about eating Rudolf. Reindeer is a popular meat in Norway. It is lean and has a rich, gamey flavor, often served as a steak, in stews, or in sausages.

5. Krumkake: A delicate, cone-shaped cookie made from flour, butter, and sugar, Krumkake is a popular dessert in Norway. It's often filled with whipped cream or jam.

Norwegian Cuisine Smoked salmon is a staple of Norwegian cuisine

6. Fårikål: A hearty lamb stew made with cabbage and potatoes, Fårikål is a classic Norwegian dish often served in the fall and winter.

7. Rakfisk: A pungent, fermented fish dish, Rakfisk is an acquired taste. It's often served on bread with sour cream, onions, and potatoes.

8. Multe / Cloudberries: A tart and slightly sweet berry, Cloudberries are a popular fruit in Norway. They're often used in desserts like cloudberry jam or cloudberry cream.

9. Kompe: A potato dumpling made with grated potatoes and barley or wheat flour, Kompe is often served with salted lamb or bacon.

10. Aquavit: This list of food cannot be complete without being serves with a traditional Scandinavian liquor, a must-try drink in Norway. Aquavit is made from potatoes and flavored with herbs and spices like caraway, dill, and anise. It's often served chilled and paired with herring or other traditional dishes.


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