California is a surfer's paradise and one of the best in the world for that matter. Right from the beautiful shores of San Diego up North, the Golden Gate State boasts an outstanding array of waves for any type of surfer to enjoy regardless of their level. This has even seen surfing being declared California’s official sport with a holiday specifically dedicated to it.


To better appreciate how great a surfing haven California is, this article discusses the five best California surfing beaches. These are the best and should be on your bucket list as a surfer worth their salt.

Huntington Beach

With a pedigree dating back a century ago, Huntington Beach can safely be described as the holiest surfing shrine of Southern California. Among those who have surfed its hallowed waves include George Freeth and Duke Kahanomoku who are among the greatest surfers to have ever walked the earth.

The beach is a surfing haven and hosts the US Open of Surfing. The kind of waves to expect here mostly depends on the time of day. When it is calm even beginners can sample the waves where previous great surfing athletes made a name for themselves on the global stage.

California SurfingCalifornia Surfing

Rincon Point State Beach, Carpinteria

This beach has been nicknamed “Queen of the Coast.” The waves here are amazing, especially during winter swells creating outstanding surf spots. If you are driving on US 101 it's not uncommon to see a crowd watching the surfers in action. You too can pull off and enjoy the raw action as it unfolds. The beach is famous for right-hand waves and hosts the Rincon Classic Surf competition every year. 

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Pismo Beach Pier, Pismo Beach

The beaches in Northern California and Southern California get all the accolades when it comes to perfect spots for surfing in California. But at the Central Coast of the state lies Pismo Beach, a gem that people can’t get enough of. The beach is easily accessible and has consistent waves for all levels of surfers.

Pismo Beach stretches for around 17 miles so when referring to surfing at Pismo Beach people refer to the area around Pismo Beach Pier. The pier area is dotted with lots of surfing spots where you can catch a swell both on its North and South sides.  However, the best place to surf is the North side of the pier which also attracts the most crowds. 

Pismo Beach Pier, Pismo BeachPismo Beach Pier, Pismo Beach

Mavericks, Half Moon Bay

Mavericks is Half Moon Bay’s best-kept secret. Celebrated in books and films, some surfers describe it as the surfers’ Mecca. The waves here are sometimes unpredictable and can rise to 50 feet, something beginners may be wary of. The beach was named after a canine friend known as Mavericks, belonging to a native surfer Jeff Clark who surfed the Half Moon Bay waves for over 40 years. 

The behemoth waves here sometimes require surfers to be towed out using a jet ski since paddling can quickly become impractical. Go down to Mavericks and watch daredevil surfers defy the odds and charge down these ferocious waves that break with an intensity enough to register on the Richter scale. If you are at the top level in surfing, you too can throw your hat in the ring and be counted among those who have conquered Mavericks. 


Long gone are those days when everyone believed Hawaii was the only home to waves good enough for a decent surf. California caught up and has proven over time to produce some fanatic swells that have seen surfers from not only around the country but also around the world visit to have the time of their lives. 

Whether Northern, Southern, or even Central California, and regardless of what level of a surfer you are, when the waves come out to play you are guaranteed lots of fun. The beaches here have perfect surf spots you can’t afford to miss out on. Visit any of the five iconic surf destinations discussed in this article and one thing is for sure, a good time awaits you!


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