Denver, USA

In one perfect vacation, Denver combines two important things: outdoor adventure with rich urban activities. Tourists are attracted for different reasons. Someone wants to explore world cultural properties, try delicious chef-driven dining, or visit the Rocky Mountains National Park, which sits only 66 miles from the city. 

And what about the famous music scene? Perhaps you've heard about OneRepublic and Lumineers. They were produced and started here as others Denver talents, playing in clubs around the Metro area every evening. It is worth listening to them, but the priority is the Red Rocks Amphitheater, the center of music events. 

But among all the treasures of this city, we don't even tell about half. In this article, you will find the necessary helpful information for planning your next trip and learn more things to see and do. Welcome to the Mile High City!

Denver Colorado skylineDenver Colorado skyline

Best time to visit 

The best time depends on your goals and needs. Denver's peak season falls in summer, June through August, the hottest months with plenty of various thematic events, such as the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, Belgian Brew Fest, etc. Correspondingly, the prices jump high for hotels, and it would help if you also counted that current conventions and frequent congresses in this city influence them. So don't forget to check the event calendar before making bookings. 

Maybe your priority is a calm vacation without crowds and a mild climate? Then, a period from April to May and September to October will be suitable. Good for family trips because of the fewer tourists, especially if you have little kids or babies. The journey during the spring and early fall will be budget but unforgettable because Denver always has something to surprise.  

Where to accommodate

Three best hotels for every budget, from cheapest to luxurious: 

The Larimer neighborhood is the beating heart and creative soul of downtown DenverThe Larimer neighborhood is the beating heart and creative soul of downtown Denver

Ways of transportation

The public transportation system is inexpensive and well developed. You can choose between bus and light trail. Visit the homepage of the regional transportation district and RTD website. Or phone the customer care line for routes and fares. But on the other hand, do you really want to be a time-stamped touristSo much better to travel without frames and follow your route with all desired points. 

Consider Denver car rental for an independent road trip. By the way, go to the destination with auto rids of luggage fee and save your money. Take a spacious car with SUV rental Denver and get a good deal without hidden payments, discounts, and pleasant bonuses. 

Want to camp and drive off-road? 4x4 car rental Denver is an advantageable choice with high technique and safety features. A powerful engine in a vehicle won't let you end up being stuck in mud after a heavy shower. Rent an SUV and feel free anywhere you go despite the weather and area. 

Top restaurants

As we told previously, Denver is a paradise for foodies because there are a lot of chef-owned restaurants, and it is difficult to find a place with a bad meal or boring atmosphere. The culinary revolution touched every establishment, and as a result, experiments have not stopped. Which alone is worth Avanti F&B - one space, separated into seven options with miscellaneous concepts and two craft bars. other interesting places: 

 Things to do

And many others right here


Hope you liked this guide and save it for booking your next trip to Denver. Have fun with your friends and family, enjoy the natural wonders and unusual attractions - catch the vibe. Wish you safe travels!


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