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Festival in Antigua, GuatemalaFestival in Antigua, Guatemala

Here are our top-10 festivals that every traveller should go to once in their life.

  1. Holi Festival (India, March): Known as the Festival of Colors, Holi involves joyful celebrations with colored powders, music, and dance. It’s a vibrant, community-focused event where visitors can enjoy the festive atmosphere with minimal cost.
  2. Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Scotland, August): The world’s largest arts festival with numerous free performances, making it a haven for budget travelers interested in theater, comedy, and street performances in a historic setting.
  3. Spanish Tomato (La Tomatina) Festival (Spain, August): Held in Buñol, this famous tomato-throwing festival has a small entry fee but offers a unique and affordable experience. Travelers can enjoy budget accommodations and local cuisine while participating in the fun.
  4. Mardi Gras (USA, February): New Orleans’ Mardi Gras features free parades, music, and celebrations. Budget travelers can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, affordable hostels, and inexpensive local food.
  5. Carnival of Venice (Italy, February): Renowned for its elaborate masks and costumes, this festival offers free outdoor events and parades. Budget accommodations and eating at local trattorias can help keep costs low.
  6. Day of the Dead (Mexico, November): Celebrated across Mexico, especially in Oaxaca, this festival honors the deceased with colorful altars, parades, and free community events. Budget accommodations and street food make it accessible.
  7. Oktoberfest (Germany, September-October): Munich’s famous beer festival offers free entry to the festival grounds. Budget travelers can enjoy affordable food, shared accommodations, and the lively atmosphere.
  8. Diwali (India, November)The Festival of Lights features fireworks, parades, and cultural events. Many celebrations are free, and budget travelers can experience local traditions and cuisine without spending much.
  9. Pushkar Camel Fair (India, November): This unique festival in Rajasthan features camel trading, cultural performances, and competitions. Many events are free, and budget accommodations in Pushkar are plentiful.
  10. Carnival of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, February-March): Known for its vibrant parades and samba music, many of the street events are free. Budget travelers can enjoy affordable hostels and local cuisine in Rio.



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