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Whether you are a complete vegan or you just want to include more plant-based meals in your life, you may be delightfully surprised by the variety of different cuisines from around the world that offer delicious vegan-friendly dishes.

Here are just 8 of the yummiest plant-based menus from around the globe, some of which are expected and some of which you may unexpectedly find on our list:

1. Indian

It should not be a surprise that Indian cuisine tops our list of vegan-friendly dishes. With nearly half of the country’s population adopting a vegetarian diet, the number of options is ample. Meat is a rarity in Indian cuisine, and instead rice, legumes and vegetables take center stage. There can be dairy products, such as paneer and ghee regularly included in some recipes but these can easily be left out or substituted. And, coconut milk is typically more widely included than cow’s milk.

2. Greek or Mediterranean

Rich in vegetables and packed with good fats, like olives, the Mediterranean diet has become quite popular in the past few years, because it is seen as a highly healthy way of eating. With strong Christian Orthodox roots, the population of Greece regularly observes periods of fasting where, rather than not eating altogether, the diet is instead limited to vegan options. Incredible recipes have resulted because of these restrictions. 

3. Mexican

For the most part, Mexican meals are quite vegan-friendly or are easily adjusted to become vegan. Filled with a variety of beans, veggies and rice, not only are Mexican offerings delicious, but they can be incredibly healthy as well. You can get your fill of protein-packed beans and vitamin-rich veggies with every yummy meal. Finding a way to turn any Mexican dish into a vegan delight is surprisingly simple, and usually just involves trading in the meat for beans!

A vegetarian dish from Mexico
A vegetarian dish from Mexico

4. Ethiopian

Meat is not an uncommon indulgence in Ethiopian cuisine, but many religious Ethiopians will adopt a vegan diet, much like Orthodox Greeks, during their periods of fasting. Because so much of the population partakes in frequent and sometimes extended periods of fasting on a vegan diet, a great number of recipes have been created to meet this need. The offerings can include everything from vegan lentil stews to salads and are incredibly filling.

5. Middle Eastern

There are many well-known meat-based dishes that have originated in the Middle East. But there are an equal number of vegan-friendly dishes for you to try and enjoy. Among some of the most widely known Middle Eastern vegan dishes are falafel, and chickpea-based fried patties. Topped with hummus or baba ganoush and served with a side of tabbouleh, this is a staple in Middle Eastern vegan cuisine.

6. Italian

Vegan may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Italian cuisine, but depending on the region of the country, there are a number of local specialties that each has become known for. Tuscany, in particular, is widely known for its considerable amount of bean-based recipes. There’s nothing better than a comforting slice of bruschetta or a heaping plate of pasta with fresh tomatoes, garlic and basil grown right in your own garden.

7. Korean

Yes, there are Korean dishes without the word ‘bar-be-cue’ in them, and these vegan dishes have continued to grow in popularity as more of the population is opening up to the idea of plant-based meals.  Rice is the base of most popular Korean dishes, along with tofu, kimchi and veggies. If you are dining out at a restaurant, not all have made the full transition to vegan ingredients so be sure to check what the dish is made up of and avoid things like bonito flakes and fish sauce, which can sometimes be included unknowingly.

8. Chinese

If you’re a vegan who just can’t get your fill of veggies, a Chinese hot pot may just satisfy that craving. A generous helping of vegetables cooked in seasoned broth accompanies a mountain of steamed rice. Simple but delicious, it’s an easy vegan meal to create if you’ve got a hot pot at home. If you plan on regularly making this dish at home, investing in a hot pot may be a great idea.

Finding delicious vegan options from around the world is becoming increasingly easy. The number of global cuisines that have plant-based meals is surprisingly large and includes a number of unexpected entries. Try some of these great dishes so you can expand your menu options and excite your taste buds.


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