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Influenza: Prevention is definitely the best cure

We've all had the flu at some time or another and know how miserable it can be.   Well, getting an annual flu shot can help keep you from having to suffer this year and also have some great long term benefits. If you are travelling there is extra reason to get your flu shot (as well as other vaccinations).

The flu virus is extremely strong and constantly mutating.  By getting an annual flu shot, you are not only helping to keep yourself healthy for the current season, but also helping to build up your immune system over the long term to be able to fight off new strains of the flu virus.  

Traveling can be especially problematic for several reasons. By traveling you are exposing yourself to a lot of foreign elements. Spending a lot of time in planes, trains, rental cars and hotel rooms can potentially expose you to a lot of communicable disease that you don’t have any immunity for. Not to mention that you will be eating a lot of foods that could further bring you in contact with a virus you’ve never been exposed to.    

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It's important to keep strong while travelling


So, getting a simple flu shot, as well as other vaccinations, can help give you the defenses necessary to travel with confidence.  Plus, you’ll be thankful for limiting your chances of getting sick at an inappropriate time.  If you’ve ever had to travel while you’ve been sick, you know what we’re talking about. 

Even if you are still younger than what is considered to be an older adult, which are more susceptible to the flu, getting regular flu shots will help prepare your body for when you are older.  Consider it a good preventative measure. 

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