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Homesickness is a common part of long-term travel, but it often fades as you become more comfortable with your new environment. In the meantime, here are our top-10 strategies that can help you manage and minimize those pangs of longing for home.

waving goodbye from a train  in Mexicowaving goodbye in Mexico
  1. Stay Connected: Regularly communicate with friends and family back home through calls, messages, or video chats. Technology can bridge the distance and offer comfort.
  2. Carry Mementos: You can cope with being away by bringing along momentos that evoke the comforts of home such as photos of your family, friends and pets. You can carry these in your wallet, or put them on yout phone background image.
  3. Visit Familiar Places: If you are on a regular trip away from home, visiting the same places reduces the likelihood of feeling homesick. You can stay in the same hotel, visit the same restuarant and eat the same food, and go to familiar places so that the place becomes a home away from home. The idea is to replace the familiar surroundings that was left behind.
  4. Eat Familiar or Your Favorite Foods: Eat comfort foods and local specialties from home (Australians often carry Vegemite in their pack) - as that feeling of homesickness can be a longing for the tastes and smells of home.
  5. Meet Locals: Interact with local people, join cultural activities, or stay with locals through homestays or Couchsurfing. Building connections with residents can provide a sense of community and belonging. Also, try to engage in local customs, celebrations, and traditions to immerse yourself in the culture and create new, positive memories.
  6. Travel with Friends: Consider traveling with a companion or joining group tours to share experiences and have emotional support.
  7. Keep a Travel Journal: Writing about your experiences and emotions in a travel journal can be therapeutic and provide an outlet for processing your feelings.
  8. Plan Short Getaways: Consider more short trips to explore the area. A change of scenery can rejuvenate your spirits and stave off homesickness.
  9. Stay Active: Regular exercise or physical activities can boost your mood and help combat homesickness.
  10. Embrace Solo Time: While connecting with others is important, also appreciate solo moments for self-discovery and reflection.



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