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Tips to Avoid Jet Lag

Here are some tips for the traveler to avoid getting jet lag

The main cause of jet lag is when you travel to a different time zone and do not allow the body clock time to adjust to the new cycle of day and night. Other internal functions, like digestion and temperature all adjust at differing rates, hence the basis for the mental and physical upset of jetlag. Generally, the more time zones you cross during the flight, the more that your biological clock is disrupted.

Common symptoms of jet lag include:

The body prefers traveling from east to west, and it is believed that west to east is worse for getting jet lag. When traveling wets you add hours, and when traveling east you lose hours. Our 24 hour internal body clock finds it easier to cope with extending the number of hours in the day rather than reducing the number of hours in the day. For example flying from Sydney to Los Angeles you lose hours and would be more difficult than flying Los Angeles to Sydney where you extend the day.

It has also been suggested that it takes approximately one day per time zone crossed to adjust to the new day/night schedule. Light is the major cue for the body to stay in sync with the outside world.

get a good sleep before flying
get a good sleep before flying


To minimise the effects of jet lag, try the following:


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