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Europe has some of the most beautiful places to visit in terms of landscapes, hills, mountain ranges and stunning views.  No matter what you’re tastes, there is likely a hike somewhere on this list that will be the perfect one for you.

1. West Highland Way - Scotland

The Scottish Highlands are some of the most beautiful places in the world and have a magical almost otherworldly feel to them.  This trail from Milngavie to Fort William takes roughly 6-10 days to complete and is more suited to more experienced hikers.  The effort is worth it though for the stunning views and wildlife sightings possible.

2. Samariá Gorge – Greece

“On the Island of Crete, this stunning hike shows off the natural beauty and some dramatic views,” lauds travel writer Paul Bassett, Write my paper.  Taking 5-7 hours, this hike starts with a steep descent before becoming fairly flat for the rest of the hike.  It’s possible to join a hiking tour to do this hike, but it’s better to start early enough in the day to try and avoid the heat.

3. Pulpit Rock – Norway

This short hike is doable by hikers of any experience, taking roughly 2-5 hours but has a stunning end point of the pulpit rock that is a dramatic backdrop to some stunning views.  It’s easy to get to and is a favourite for tourists.

4. Vienna Woods – Austria

This is the ultimate choose your own adventure hike, there are multiple trails available that are all well marked and easy to follow.  You can do some sightseeing and can feel away from it all despite staying in Vienna itself.  There are trails for all experience levels and there are plenty of places to stop in at for food and drink along the way.

hiking in Hasliberg, Switzerlandhiking in Hasliberg, Switzerland

5. Skaftafell Glacier Hike – Iceland

A once in a lifetime experience that is probably mostly suited to more experienced and fit hikers, Skatafell Glacier is a stunning hike lasting 4-5 hours.   Tours are available for hiking and ice climbing; however the weather conditions can greatly affect the hike and may see the glaciers temporarily closed.

6. Via Transilvanica – Romania

This 40-day hike is suitable for all ages travelling from Drobeta-Turnu Severin to Putna.  The trail is pretty new, established in 2018, but takes you right into the heart of Romanian nature and culture.  There is a free app available to navigate the trail which includes places for food, water and rest as well as notable landmarks.

7. Via di Francesco – Italy

Inspired by St. Francis of Assisi, this hike takes 28 days from Florence to Rome taking you through forests, mountains, and medieval villages.  Mid-way through is the town of Assisi itself. The trail is clearly marked with plenty of places available for food, water and somewhere to rest.  It is recommended that hikers be quite fit and have some experience.

8. Mahlerweg – Germany

Also known as the painter’s path, this fairy tale landscape offers fit hikers a moderate level of difficulty at most taking 6 days to complete.   It’s easy to reach the Mahlerwerg with public transport and the trail is clearly marked with mountain inns available along the trail.

9. Pieterpad – The Netherlands

This flat hike from Pieterburen to St. Pietersberg takes 10 days plus to complete depending on the hiker’s choice.  You can break this hike into smaller sections with plenty of restaurants, cafes and shops along the way.  Each of the stages of the trail is available to public transport and the route is clearly marked and easy to follow.

10. Kungsleden – Sweden

From Abisko to Hebvan, the “King’s Trail” takes you through swamps and lakes as part of the 10 to 12 day journey.  Mostly geared towards fitter hikers, this trail is only really accessible on foot during the summer with it being opened to long-distance skiers in the winter.  This is the perfect trail for those looking for a more rustic and outdoorsy experience.

Overall, there is something for everyone in Europe as a hiker.  Whether you want a hike that lasts hours or days, one that is broken up with the comforts of modern-day life or takes you back to nature, or simply a place to inspire you with amazing views there is sure to be something on this list to tempt you.

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