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Here is the 2011 top 10 best countries to live in based on the UN's Human Development Index. The UN has released this report annually since 1980 which ranked the quality of life for most countries of the world. The report includes every country for which statistics are available (187 in 2011). The HDI includes per-capita income, educational levels, health care and life expectancy. Norway was the top country in 2011, as it has been for the last six years.

a canal in Haarlem, the Netherlands
a canal in Haarlem, the Netherlands


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Rank Country HDI - Human Development Index
1. Norway 0.943
2. Australia 0.929
3. Netherlands 0.910
4. United States 0.910
5. New Zealand 0.908
6. Canada 0.908
7. Ireland 0.908
8. Liechtenstein 0.905
9. Germany 0.905
10. Sweden 0.904


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