Airport Guide: Singapore

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Even though you may not specifically be visiting Singapore, many people will still transit through one of the busiest airports in the world. In light of this, the services at this large airport can cater for all the whims of the millions of transit passengers each year. There are very friendly help desks to assist you in finding something to fill your time while here. There is free internet access at the many booths around the terminals.

singapore terminalOther things to do include: having a drink at one of the many bars (e.g. cactus bar), duty free shopping, watching TV or movies for free, occasional live music performances, eat, shower, sleep or swim in the pool. If you are around the airport for a six hours or more, you can also go on a free Singapore town tour.


Singapore airport has three terminals, in separate buildings, connected by a free monorail called the 'Skytrain', which takes only two minutes to go from terminal to terminal. Terminal 1 contains the counters for Qantas, Cathay Pacific, British Airways and Finnair plus many others. All arrivals and departures are on the same level.

Getting there and away

Options for getting to and from the airport include: the Airport Shuttle bus, MRT (mass rapid transit), car rental and the city bus.


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