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Traveling is probably the best solution for those who want to explore new countries, learn about local cultures and traditions, and make new friends. At the same time, hitchhiking remains the #1 budget way to explore a particular country or region. It gives you a sense of freedom and adventure. Imagine how many new people you'll meet as you get from point A to point B. You might even like a new state or country so much that you contact https://www.divinetrans.com/ to help you move there.

If you are going to Europe, you should know that some countries are better for hitchhiking than others. We have compiled a list of the best ones!

Hitchhiking in The NetherlandsHitchhiking in The Netherlands

Hitchhiking in Albania

Positioning itself as a hitchhiking-friendly country, Albania's popularity has increased dramatically in recent years. It will take you a few days to cross the country, and you will meet friendly and hospitable people who will be happy to tell you about local attractions.

Hitchhiking in Romania

With its many lakes, parks, and castles (including Dracula's home), Romania is one of Europe's hidden gems. Whichever region you travel to, each will captivate you with its natural beauty, beautiful roads, and hospitable people. Recently, hitchhiking in Romania was taken to a new level after the government recognized it as legal and asked drivers not to charge hitchhikers.

Hitchhiking in Ireland

If you are going to hitchhike, Ireland should be on your list. This small country is rich in ancient castles, green paddy fields, and the friendliest people. Also, hitchhiking is almost the only way to get around Ireland since public transportation is not very developed, so most people own cars.

Hitchhiking in The Netherlands

Hitchhiking is allowed throughout the country of The Netherlands (except on highways). The quickest way to hitch a ride is to ask drivers who have stopped at a petrol station. Alternatively, you can use “liftershaltes”, legal meeting places where you can quickly find someone to give you a lift. The Dutch are cheerful and friendly so you will enjoy your trip.

Hitchhiking in Belgium

Belgium, the land of chocolate and crispy waffles, is considered one of the safest countries for hitchhiking. It has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to government funding. But before you go, know that Belgium is divided into three language regions (French, German, and Dutch), although many locals speak English.

Hitchhiking in Georgia

Wineries, mountains, ancient churches, and temples. You can see it all in Georgia while hitchhiking. The locals are so friendly that getting a lift is easy. Your driver is likely to offer you a great red wine with meat cooked according to local recipes. Another advantage is that locals often offer hitchhikers shelter.

Hitchhiking is the best way to travel on a budget and the countries listed make it an exciting trip. If you are a beginner, we suggest you start with Belgium or Georgia.

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