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Most RV owners want to switch up to a better and bigger RV after a while. But, this means that they will have to sell their original one. And even though they want to sell it quickly in order to be able to get a new one, they often don’t put enough time into their ad and it turns up poorly. This leads to no calls and no messages about the RV.

If you want to avoid dragging on and instead sell your RV quickly, use these tips to create a compelling online ad for your RV:

Set the tone properly 

Don’t write your ad in a salesy tone of voice that will distract the readers from the real thing you are selling. This will lead to fewer people contacting you because most people are tired of this tone of voice and are more interested in something different, more approachable and understandable as well as more relevant. Use a friendly tone of voice that can really get through to your readers.

Create a compelling headline

The headline is the introduction of your reader to the ad that you have created and your RV. Make sure it represents your RV properly and that you have put all of the relevant data so that they know which RV you are selling right from the outset. This will also help people looking for a specific RV find you more easily.

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Create a thorough description

Your description is the most important part of your ad. Even though the users can see how it looks from the images, there are some things that can’t be captured with a camera, and words are definitely more compelling in selling. You should add all of the relevant data like how it feels to drive it, what you can do with the space and so on. Make the reader imagine that they are in it. This is the best way to sell your RV quickly,

Remember essentials

Don’t forget to add essential information about your RV. This means the make, model, age, mileage, features, and so on. All of this is necessary because the reader might be looking for some specific features or information related to the RV,” says Johnny Gregor, car editor at Write My Paper.

Use Online Tools

Because not all RV owners are experts at writing, grammar and spelling, most advertisers recommend that you get some help in writing ads. The last things you want are grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes because they can give people the wrong message about you as a seller.

Format for readability

Your ad should be readable and clear. This means no Caps Lock letters because in online etiquette this means yelling. You should also section your description in paragraphs and use bullet points if possible.


If you don’t list the pricing, you are less likely to get a huge response. This happens because no one wants to call and talk about an RV that they might not buy because of pricing - they don’t want to tell other people that they can’t afford something. If you list the price, only the buyers who can really afford it will call you.

Talk about maintenance

Add information about any maintenance that you have done to your RV or in case you didn’t do any maintenance at all, let them know.

Be honest 

The best policy when it comes to selling your belongings online is honesty and transparency. \don’t hide anything from the buyers.

Selling your RV may not seem hard at the outset but it will take much more work than you’ve expected. You have to work on your RV, for one, and take good pictures that really show the best sides of your RV. But, the most important thing you should do is to create a compelling ad and make sure that you have described it in compelling detail. Follow these tips to create the best RV ad.

Jenny Han is a writer and manager. She manages a team of writers, curates interns, works with a team of remote proofreaders.


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