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London is a dynamic metropolis where fresh and interesting developments appear almost daily. This is great and all, but if you only have a short amount of time to spend in our nation's capital, it can be difficult to fit in all you want to do.

London rapidly became one of our favorite cities with its infinite attractions, wonderful restaurants and bars, and abundant shopping. London's frenetic energy is infectious, but there are a few things you should know before you go.

Here’s what you need to know about traveling to London:

1. Ditch the Hop-on Hop-off Buses

London's public transportation system features a unique hop-on-hop-off bus route if you're looking for something more thrilling to do. To be clear, we're referring to an Oyster Card-accepting public transportation route that will take you past several London landmarks, with the bonus that you'll get to mingle with the locals and choose your own speed of travel.

2. Acquire an Oyster card

With an Oyster Card (for London's public transportation system that we discussed above), you may save the hassle and expense of constantly paying fares and transfers.

You can get an Oyster Card at most Tube stations for free, with a small deposit that is returned to you when you return the card. There is a limit on how much money you can spend on Oyster Card rides in a day. Thus, the rest of the day can be spent freely navigating London after making three or four trips.

It's a fun fact about London that you probably wouldn't have thought about otherwise.

London EyeLondon Eye

3. Benefit from Cheap Train and Subway Rides

You can get a Railcard at any train station if you fit one of the following categories: 

This card, which costs about £30 a year, will save you significant money if you plan on making repeated trips into the city during off-peak hours. It provides a 33% (1/3rd) discount on rail travel and tube travel. In addition to saving you money on transportation, it's also a fun and interesting truth about London.

4. Travel to Cheap Airports

Thinking about some intriguing facts about London can help you save money. You see, you can go to London on the cheap by flying to one of the "regional" airports in the area.

For example, London's Luton, Stansted, and Southend airports have significantly lower landing costs than their more centrally located counterparts, Heathrow and London City.

5. Have Fun at the Free Museums

This is one of the things people love most about the city, and it's something that tourists from countries that charge admission to museums might not know about London.

Free admission is also offered to many other museums besides the Natural History Museum, Science Museum, British Museum, National Portrait Gallery, and Tate Modern.

Enjoy the city's rich legacy by spending a day exploring its many historical artifacts. Donations are accepted but not expected.

6. Convenient Relocation to London

First, this is one of the cool things about London that you'll appreciate only if you're seriously considering a move here. Let's not beat about the bush: housing expenses in the city are high, but that's no reason to give in to pressure from real estate brokers or other housing authorities on where you should reside.

London has luxury mansions, yachts, villas, and much more. You can easily find luxury apartments for rent in London as there are so many simple ways to save money and important "red lights" you should look out for.

7. t's Not Necessary to Leave a Tip

Although tipping isn't expected as it is in the United States or other nations, it is still appreciated.

Tipping is not expected or required at bars or restaurants when ordering drinks, but it is appreciated. There is no obligation to provide a gratuity when taking a taxi, yet it is customary to do so.

It's a fun fact about London that could surprise you if you come from a tipping culture. However, you may discover that the greatest London restaurants tack on a discretionary "service charge" of roughly 12.5% to the final tab.

Wrapping Up

Travelers often include a visit to London on their wish lists because of the city's energy and excitement. Take advantage of the fun and vibrant energy London has to entertain you. Don't forget to put these helpful hints for visiting London away in your wallet.


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