The best way to see Australia is to drive. And you will need to do a lot of driving too.

Desolate Australian outback roadRV or Motorhome

The vehicle of choice for many Round-Australia trips is the RV (recreational vehicle) or campervan. See out list of essential items to take.

Where to Go

There are so many places to visit around Australia, you can never hope to visit them all. There are places to suit everyone. For a short guide to many cities and towns around around, see the Australia travel guide.

In the well known song "I've been everywhere" , popularised by a recent Telstra advertising campaign, some great place names of Australian towns are listed. Have you been to many of them?

Great Road Trips of Australia

Getting around Australia is all about driving. With the long distances between cities, it is the way to get from place to place and really get to see what this country is all about. more

Travel Distances

Around Australia Trivia

Packing Essentials



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