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A medical kit is essential for any pack. Here is a list of 10 essential items to include. What you pack will of course depend on where you are going and your specific requirements. Make sure you see a doctor who specializes in travel medicine before you go, and seek specific medical advice for your particular situation. This is not a comprehensive list of what to include in your medicine kit, and does not replace professional medical advice.

  1. Plasters (band aids) - after you have disinfected the area with the antiseptic cream, cover it up so no dirt and bacteria can get in it.
  2. Syringes and needles - you may want to carry these in case you are taken to a doctor or hospital and you do not trust that they have clean unused syringes. If you do take these, it may be wise to also take a letter from your doctor to indicate why you are carrying these so they don't think you are a 'user'. The needle may have other uses, for example for bursting blisters.
  3. Sun protection - Carry some sunscreen. One of the most common medical concerns for travelers is sunburn. It can make your travels very uncomfortable. For your lips, some lip balm may be needed for burnt and dry lips.
  4. Rehydration tablets - such as Gastrolyte, for re-hydrating, particularly if you are suffering from severe diarrhea.
  5. Loperamide (Imodium) - provides relief from diarrhea
  6. Pain Relief Medicine- such as paracetamol, for headaches and other pain relief. Often a headache is caused by dehydration, so make sure you have plenty to drink.
  7. Mosquito repellent - If you are going to a region where malaria or other mosquito-borne diseases are a risk you, should take tropical strength repellent.
  8. Vaccination Documentation - You may need to show that you have been vaccinated for COVID. Some countries require you to show that you have had a vaccination for Yellow fever.
  9. Hydrocortisone cream (2%) or something similar - to treat insect bites.
  10. Antiseptic cream - kills bacteria



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