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Carrying your life on your backThe following packing list is one we have used for any trip any where. It has anything that could possibly go in our bags for a day trip, over nighter and holidays for weeks or months.

Simply read through the list items and cross off what you do not need to take, and then tick of the others as you pack them in. At least this way there should not be anything that you forgot to consider.

carrying backpack accessories Watch
  Suitcase   camera & film
  Handbag   Tripod
      Digital camera
sleeping Sleeping bag   Rechargeable batteries and charger
  Pillow – for sleeping   Photos
  Pillow – for car   Mobile phone / charger
  Neck support pillow   Address book
  Bed Sheets   wallet & money
  Doona / bed cover   Tickets (transport etc)
  alarm clock   Passport
  Tent   Keys
  Bedrolls   Binoculars
  Blow up mattress   Matches
  Car air pump   Pocket knife
  Mosquito net   Torch
  Tent brush   Candles
  Hammer   Plastic bags
        Dishwashing detergent
drinks Wine / Beer / Alcohol   Pens
  Water bottle   Laptop computer
  Drink coolers / Stubby holders   computer floppies / cds
  water   Calculator
food items snacks for travelling   writing paper
  Tinned food   Stamps
  Oil / margarine   drawing paper and implements
  ice box / esky   Umbrella
  Ice packs for esky   Folding chairs
  Can opener   Folding table
  Eating utensils   insect repellant
  Ice   Snorkel gear
  Drinks / water   Itinerary
  BBQ or gas cooker      
  gas cannister Entertainment Music cds, tapes
        Book – audio for car
        Book - to read
        mp3 player / Radio / cd player / walkman
car Oil for car   Games to play (e.g. backgammon, boule, badminton)
  Spare water    
  Check tyres and oil      
  Petrol / Gas container      
  Tools clothing swimsuit
  Maps and map bags   Belts
  Compass   Gloves
  directions   Scarf
        Hats / beanies
        Jocks / underwear
toiletries Toothbrush / toothpaste   Bras
  Deodorant   Jumpers / sweaters / cardigans
  First aid kit   Jacket
  medications, supplements   raincoat / waterproof
  feminine hygeine products   Shirts
  razors   Shoes – walking
  Soap   Shoes – running
  Sunscreen   Shoes - going out
  Lip balm   Shoes – casual
  Towel – bath & beach   Shorts
  hair shampoo & conditioner   Singlet / tank top
  Hair dryer   Skirts
  Hair clips   Dresses
Comb / brush   Socks
Toilet paper   Sun glasses
Facial Tissues   t-shirts
Nail file   Formal clothes
Moisturiser   Going out clothes
Makeup   Pyjamas
scissors   thermals


Other Packing Items


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