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The vehicle of choice for many road-trips is the RV (recreational vehicle), motorhome, campervan or caravan. You will see them everywhere on the roads.

Caravaning gear Caravaning gear

10 Essential items you should have

Before you embark on your big trip, have a look at this list and think whether you have these or may need them at some stage. Whenever you need something you can be assured that you will be nowhere near a shop to buy it. On the other hand, most towns will be able to supply you with essential things like groceries and fuel.

  1. Fresh and Grey Water Hoses: Flexible tubes for transferring fresh water into the mobile home and grey water out. Fresh water hoses are used to fill the water tanks with clean, potable water, while grey water hoses are used to drain wastewater from sinks and showers, ensuring a clean and sanitary environment.

  2. 15 Amp Power Lead: A heavy-duty electrical cord designed to connect the mobile home to an external power source. This lead is essential for plugging into campsite power outlets, allowing you to run appliances and charge batteries, thus providing a reliable electricity supply for your mobile home.

  3. Axe, Shovel, and Hammer: Basic tools for cutting, digging, and hammering. These tools are crucial for setting up camp, such as driving tent stakes with the hammer, clearing debris with the shovel, and cutting firewood with the axe, facilitating a safe and comfortable stay.

  4. Screwdriver and Shifter: Essential hand tools for turning screws and adjusting nuts and bolts. These tools are used for minor repairs and adjustments on the mobile home, such as tightening fittings or fixing loose parts, ensuring the maintenance and safety of your vehicle.

  5. Funnel: A cone-shaped tool that aids in pouring liquids into containers with narrow openings. It is used for tasks like refueling or adding liquids without spilling, making it essential for efficient and clean handling of various fluids, such as fuel or water.

  6. Jerry Can: A portable container used for storing and transporting extra fuel. This can is vital for carrying additional fuel reserves, allowing you to travel longer distances without worrying about running out of fuel, especially in remote areas.

  7. Spare Set of Fuses: Replacement electrical fuses for your mobile home's fuse box. Having spare fuses is essential for quickly fixing electrical issues that may arise, such as blown fuses, ensuring that your electrical systems remain operational.

  8. Spare Jack: A lifting device for raising the mobile home to change tires or perform underbody repairs. It is crucial for safely lifting your vehicle to address tire punctures or mechanical issues, providing a backup in case the primary jack fails or is misplaced.

  9. Jumper Leads: Heavy-duty cables used to connect two vehicle batteries for jump-starting. They are essential for reviving a dead battery by jump-starting it from another vehicle, ensuring you’re not stranded with a non-functional engine.

  10. Tyre Repair in a Can: An aerosol can that temporarily seals and inflates a punctured tire. This quick-fix solution allows you to temporarily repair a flat tire, enabling you to drive to the nearest service station for a permanent repair, thus preventing delays in your journey.


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