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It is very important to know what to do if you contract coronavirus before or during traveling abroad. Together with the medical brands here is some up-to-date information regarding this problem. This is just general information about traveling and coronavirus, and issues you should be aware of. Please check your individual insurance documents for specific details about your situation, and what is covered and what is not.

Wherever you are going on vacation around the world, you will need to take out health insurance. Everyone traveling abroad should be insured by default. This is a mandatory condition for the registration of many travel packages, so problems with medical care should not arise.

And yet, when buying a trip it is worth clarifying whether medical insurance is included in the cost of travel, or whether you will have to buy it separately. Pay special attention to this issue, as medical care for foreigners when abroad is often very expensive.

Bodies everywhere in IndiaBodies everywhere in India


If I get Coronavirus when traveling abroad - What do I do?

At the first sign of a cold go to the hotel medical staff. As a last resort, ask at the reception. Do not expect to be given first aid and sent home. You will be treated on site until you are completely recovered.

If hospitalization is not required, you will be in self-isolation in a specially equipped room. If your condition worsens, you will be sent to the hospital. And here arises another problem - the timing of the end of the trip. You will not be allowed out of the country, so in order to protect yourself on a foreign holiday, it is better to add some options to the standard package of insurance. You need extra insurance to get the money back for the unused ticket, if you had to delay your return home.

Travelers abroad may require legal assistance. It is also worth taking care of this when taking out additional insurance options.

How does insurance cover expenses related to the coronavirus?

If I get sick with Covid-19 at home and cannot travel, will the insurance cover my expenses?

Until when do I have to take out travel insurance to have COVID protection?

An insurance contract with extended travel disruption protection must be taken out at least one week before the start of the insurance period.

If your family member gets COVID-19 and you have to stay in isolation and therefore can't travel, will the insurance cover the cost?

If extended travel disruption protection is chosen, the insurance covers the costs of accommodation and transportation. This applies if the insurance contract was taken out at least one week prior to the start of the insurance period.

Travel insurance is importantTravel insurance is important for all travel


If I fall ill with coronavirus during my trip, will the travel insurance cover my medical expenses?

Yes, if you contract a viral disease, including coronavirus, while abroad, medical expenses incurred in connection therewith will be reimbursed. Doctor's visit fees, hospital costs and expenses for medication prescribed by the doctor will be reimbursed.

If I go abroad for quarantine, will I be able to get reimbursed for expenses incurred or additional expenses?

Medical expenses related to the illness are reimbursed according to the health care insurance. If extended travel disruption protection is selected, the insurance covers accommodation and transportation expenses if caught in quarantine. If selected as basic protection, additional expenses for accommodation, new airfare, etc. resulting from being in quarantine are not reimbursable.


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